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Contractors License # 794821

Serving Southern California

Our Goal

Parker Plumbing Company is dedicated to being the best there is. While perfection may be unattainable, I believe that with total focus and dedication, we will come closer than most. It is that goal that drives us day in and day out. We do not advertise. We need and want our clients to pass the word along. Therefore, we must continue to provide the same quality and service they have come to know and expect. We want you to forget about us once your project is complete, that is of course, until someone asks you….”do you know a good plumber?” What that means is that once our work is complete, you won't put another thought into it. It's been working for us since 1998.


Quality Without Compromise

We use only the best materials available. Really, what's the point of installing a valve that isn't going to work when you need it to anyway. While we do stay on top of new products, we don't jump on the "band wagon". The materials that we use and our installation practices are tried and true. I prefer to sit and watch for a while and make sure that the product or concept is reliable. Our first project was completed some 11 years ago. Our services have been requested from time to time since then. We've corrected issues with the fire sprinklers (installation by others) and changed out many a water filter. Not a single problem or complaint with our work what so ever. The true value of anything, isn't measured in the here and now, it is measured years from now.

Attention to Details

Attention to detail starts from the moment we receive a phone call or a set of plans. It doesn't end until the project is complete. We’ll also be there when you need us in the future. We work with you to transform your vision into a reality. Hopefully we can help in making it exceed your wildest dreams.



At Parker Plumbing Company, we are a pride driven company. We take pride in the quality of the workmanship and materials that we provide. It is pride that drives us toward perfection. We do what we do for you, not for us. The way we do it is for us and you definitely benefit from our ethics. Visit the plumbing galleries on the albums page and see for yourself.

Far too many have said to me over the years, "It doesn't matter, it's going to get covered up anyway and no one is going to see it again". It matters to me, I care and I know! I want someone, someday to see our work and think to themselves, "boy, these guys really new what they were doing".


Plumbing (what it really means)

I’ve asked numerous plumbers what it means and inevitably the response has something to do with putting in pipes. Try it yourself sometime. Pipe fitting is about putting in pipes. Plumbing is derived from plumb: true and in alignment. We pride ourselves on being plumbers not pipe fitters. It’s really not that hard, you just have to care. Just about anyone can put pipe together, do they put it together plumb?


A Little History

Parker Plumbing Company was founded in 1998. We started out like most others, working out of a pickup truck with a strong will and desire. I had worked for a multitude of different companies since 1986. I cut my teeth rough plumbing both apartment buildings and town homes. After two years in the trade I found myself managing a crew plumbing a 240 unit building in Los Angeles. What a struggle yet a great opportunity to learn. I moved on to custom homes and commercial work. Some heavy service and repair work intertwined with it all. From 1986 to 1998 I was fortunate to be in positions at companies that afforded me personal growth and they encouraged it. I was able to learn a great deal about the real mechanics of plumbing, given the opportunity to learn from all facets of the field and able to hone my skills. I must say that I have certainly worked with and for some of the best in the trade.


The Bottom Line

Inevitably, there are those "chance" meetings with clients at grocery stores, banks or who knows where. After all of the pleasantries, which can go on for quite a while, I always ask about the work we did. I always get a response to the effect that, everything is great or we haven't had any problems. If we do we'll give you a call. It's those moments that confirm, I am meeting my expectations. It is with great pride that I look back on those years since 1998 and  reflect on the jobs that we have completed and the friendships we have made and maintain.

We take pride in providing to you, the best value that anyone possibly can! We are not the cheapest but we can’t afford to be. We are competitively priced and more than happy to provide you a quote or bid. If you're looking for the cheapest, call someone else. If you believe you want or deserve the best, then give us a call.